Cheese: The Magazine of Culture: Issue 01

Cheese opens: This is a pandemic magazine. There is no way around this fact- born from a lockdown need and adjusting stories as restrictions, quarantines, and production abilities disrupted the usual building of a story.

This issue is about how cheese makes you feel: it is predominantly a look from the eater's perspective. It is an internal reflection and delves back into memories. It is also a story about favourites and joy. 

Issue 01 is an exploration of cheese and all that surrounds this ancient food - from a trip around Milan markets, nostalgic memories of teenage discoveries in the Alps and falling in love with blue cheese. 

We're in! And, what goes well with cheese? A really great jam of course. 

Publishers, Anna Sulan Massing, Holly Catford,
Apoorva Sripathi, and Jean-Baptiste Beroud
Softcover, 80 pages
Dimensions, 9.5" x 6.75"